Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CIC in Article on Chef Brock

"Table to Farm"
The farm-to-table movement has come full circle, with chefs bringing the cooking process back to the land.
by BETH D'ADDONO - Oct. 2009
Published in GO, AirTran's inflight magazine
"A COMMITMENT TO PRESERVING heirloom strains of grains and vegetables- original strains that haven't been manipulated in any way-is what inspired Sean Brock to start farming a 2.5-acre tract of Low Country land on Wadmalaw Island, about 20 miles outside Charleston, SC. When the executive chef of Charleston's McCrady's restaurant is up to his elbows in rich soil harvesting Sea Island red peas, he sees much more than just bushels of humble legumes as the payoff for his toil. For Brock, who hosts occasional meals and teaches a class on sustainable agriculture to Culinary Institute of Charleston students on the farm, this heritage vegetable has an important story to tell."

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