Thursday, October 29, 2009

Charleston Currents Gives Great Review to 181 Palmer

REVIEW181 Palmer
"Looking for a restaurant to have a fantabulous, elegant lunch without costing an arm and a leg? Head over to 181 Palmer, a 50-seat restaurant off Columbus at Trident Tech's Culinary Institute of Charleston. The restaurant is a student-centered food lab where new chefs prepare outstanding food. For the $15-per-person prix fixe lunch, you get an appetizer, entrée and dessert. We thrilled to a goat cheese tart with two kinds of roasted beets, a succulent piece of sautéed mahi-mahi on winter vegetables and an artisanal Camembert with fresh figs and candied kumquat for dessert. Our luncheon companion also had the tart, accompanied by tantalizing oyster po'boy sliders and a lemon torte. Not only is the whole experience yummy, but it's fun too - you can watch the cooks prepare the meal via live video displayed on the restaurant walls. Lunch is served Monday through Thursday starting at noon. Reservations are highly suggested."
-- Andy Brack
Photo courtesy of Ls3P.

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