Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Butterbeans, Butterbeans, and More Butterbeans!

GrowFood Carolina, a nonprofit, is South Carolina's first local food hub. Its downtown Charleston warehouse stores fresh produce from nearby farms. Then GrowFood's staff markets, sells, and distributes this local product to grocery stores, restaurants, and other wholesale customers. Their nonprofit mission-driven structure allows them to return a large percentage of the sale price to the farmer. 

Two weeks ago, GrowFood asked CIC to assist with farmer Josh Johnson's prodigious butterbean crop. 
Johnson's Old Tyme Bean Co. is growing two varieties: the Jackson Wonder, a heirloom speckled bean, and the Bridgeton, a more typical green lima. GrowFood wanted to freeze some of the butterbeans to increase their availability. While GrowFood has freezer storage capacity, it lacks the ability to blanch, cool, and vacuum seal the butterbeans. The CIC will tackle this task on three different dates, corresponding to Johnson's crop schedule. These photos show CIC students working on the first batch. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Maymester Visual Arts and Hospitality & Tourism Class Takes Off

Photo of St. Phillip's Church taken by Lisa Livingston
Inspired by their passions for tourism, writing, and photography, Maymester students explored popular tourist destinations in the Charleston area to create impressionistic journals, photographs, and blogs in a collaborative Visual Arts and Hospitality & Tourism class. Using location photography, portraiture, and photo journalistic techniques,  participants captured the beauty and culture of the area during guided walking tours of destinations including historic Charleston, Folly Beach, and Mepkin Abbey.Please enjoy the blog by one of the participants: