Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Butchery and Charcuterie class is off to a big start

Chef Stefanelli's charcuterie class created this bounty from Keegan-Fillion Farms' pastured pigs.  Look for student-produced lonza, pancetta, salami, chorizo, and ham in CIC's restaurants, 181 Palmer and Relish. The CIC is so proud to work with Annie and Marc Fillion. Our restaurants use their pastured chickens and their eggs in our restaurants and our Farm to Plate classes spend a morning at their farm.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Charismatic CIC grad BJ Dennis is in the news again. Congrats, Chef!

"For now, staying light on his feet is priority for busy Geechee chef."
BJ has his hand in many pots. "His life as head of Chef Benjamin (BJ) Dennis Personal Chef and Catering keeps him on the road quite a bit, and his recent consulting gig with Republic Garden and Lounge on King Street keeps him busy revamping the menu and retraining the staff. Dennis is a classically trained chef and credits local chefs Jeremiah Bacon of the Macintosh and Frank McMahon of Hank’s Seafood with influencing his style, but he gives just as much credit to 'guys who look like me,' such as Nigel Drayton of Nigel’s Good Food in North Charleston, the late 'Miss Barbara' Ellington, who ran breakfast and lunch at Hyman’s Seafood, and Edmond Floyd, who worked at Anson."

It's a great story. Read it here

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Farm to Plate Class Takes a Field Trip to Asheville

There are so many places that we love to go when we're on the Asheville Field Trip. In Fall 2, the class was able to have an extra special treat: the Biltmore mansion decorated for Christmas! Christmas trees and poinsettias galore - plus wonderful coral singers. We went to Sunburst Trout Farms for a lesson in aquaculture. Their smoked trout and trout caviar are award-winning. At Spinning Spider Creamery, we saw the goats and the cheeses, and tasted samples. Another artisan company that brings home the blue ribbons! We dined at Curate, Chef Katie Button's fabulous tapas restaurant. We missed our regular visit to the French Broad Chocolate Company because they were moving into their new digs. Something to look forward to next time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Company of CIC Grad Trey Dutton Featured in the Post and Courier

In December, we featured a recipe for Cranberry-and-Mustard Chutney by CIC grad Chef Trey Dutton. In addition to being a chef for the Indigo Road Group, Trey has his own company, Southern Keep, which produces small batch pickles and jams. On January 7th., the company was featured on the front page of the Post and Courier Food section, with particular note of his Cement Pickles. Read more about Trey in the post below. Read more about his company: