Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Become a member of America's largest chefs association, American Culinary Federation (ACF), and have access to current culinary trends and techniques!

ACF Certification
Where is your culinary degree going to take you? There are many questions you have to ask yourself as you are finishing your education, and trying to map out your future. The one thing we encourage all culinary students to do is to join the American Culinary Federation, the largest and most prestigious chefs organization. When you graduate from The Culinary Institute of Charleston, which is accredited by the ACF, you can apply and receive your certification to be a certified culinarian. You must be a member of the ACF before you graduate to be eligible for certification through the school.

The cost is only $75 a year for a junior member and the benefits of being a member are outstanding. ACF membership provides countless professional development, career building and networking opportunities. Membership affords you the unparalleled opportunity to meet chefs from around the world, fellow culinarians and foodservice professionals in your community. ACF events, conferences and national convention also are excellent opportunities for networking with renowned chefs, top industry professionals and executives. In addition to personal and professional development, ACF membership provides unique opportunities for you to build and sharpen your skills while simultaneously earning points for ACF certification.
You can apply on-line at There are links there to our local chapter, which meets every month.