Friday, August 29, 2008


To get ready for one of CIC's new Advanced Certificate courses, we've been reading the latest book by renowned English champion of in animal welfare and sustainability, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. In "The River Cottage Cookbook," he writes, "“Overall, I will be encouraging you to be less dependent on industrially produced food; to support local small-scale producers of quality meat, fruit, and veggies; to support farmers’ markets and other local food initiatives; to deal directly with farmers and growers. I will go on to suggest how you might produce some food of your own, both meat and vegetables.”

Over the next eight weeks, some of Charleston's leaders in this movement have volunteered their time to come to CIC's new Palmer Campus facility and work hands-on with the new Farm to Plate class. See the highlights below.

Field Trip to Farm of Chef Sean Brock of McCrady's
Chef Brock cooks his vegetables with the class

Marc Filion of Keegan-Filion Farms speaks to the class
Chef Frank Lee of Slightly North of Broad cooks Keegan-Filion chicken with the class

Field Trip to Kensington Plantation to see Carolina Gold Rice in field
Chef Jeremiah Bacon of Carolina's cooks a variety of rice and corn from Anson Mills with the class

Eddie Gordon, Executive Director of Wild American Shrimp, speaks to the class
Chef Bob Waggoner of Charleston Grill cooks Wild American Shrimp with the class

Field trip to Aquarium for Sustainable Seafood Lecture
Sustainable fish cookery for the class

Emile de Felice of Caw Caw Creek Farms brings whole pastured pig and speaks to the class

Chef Mike Lata of FIG cooks Caw Caw pork with the class


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


An August 6th Post and Courier article titled "Face It, Most of Us Need Basic Instruction When It Comes to Using Kitchen Knives" by Food Editor Teresa Taylor featured Culinary Department Head Chef Michael Carmel demonstrating the art of the knife.

"One afternoon last week, Carmel, department head for culinary arts at the school, agreed to share his know-how and show the way to better slicing, dicing and chopping by mastering essential skills," writes Taylor. "He also proved that a few key, good quality knives will do most, if not all, jobs nicely."

For video demonstrations, see:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Retail Bakeshop Projects Rock!

On July 31st, Chef Vagasky's Retail Bakeshop class invited the campus into to see and sample their final projects. A delicious time was had by all!