Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chef David Vagasky Gets Props

In addition to teaching baking and pastry courses at CIC - and recently cooking for Martha Stewart - Chef David Vagasky represents CIC as a chef instructor at the Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston. Yesterday, CDR J. Michael Cole, Commanding Officer/Warden of the Brig, wrote Dean Saboe about Chef Vagasky's role in their American Corrective Association audit.

"I would like to personally commend Chef Vagasky for his role in this ACA audit. Not only was he supportive of it, but he embraced the audit and played a huge role in making a great first impression on the auditors. He adjusted his class schedule to meet on Monday so the auditors could see the class in action and he personal gave them a great brief on the program. Needless to say, they were blown away and completely impressed with the program. Bravo Zulu to Chef Vagasky! Which means well done in Navy parlance. We are thrilled with our partnership and we look forward to continuing the relationship."

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