Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CIC Partners with MUSC

Chefs Miles Huff and Kevin Mitchell, representing CIC, Debbie Petitpain, MS, RDN, representing MUSC, are teaching Culinary Health class, IP 770, an elective course in MUSC's inter-professionals program, at Palmer Campus on Monday nights in February.

Recipes were selected to highlight the macronutrient focused on that week in order to highlight the role it plays in foods and what happens when you change or replace it. Each recipe was entered into Nutritionist Pro nutrition software. Reading nutrition science will be done as homework. For each week, the focus is on a food pattern (not a particular nutrient) that promotes health and that food pattern is connected to the prevention of one of the most prevalent chronic diseases and a macronutrient. 
- Week 1: Overview: kitchen safety and food safety including HACCP and cross contamination and will touch on the top 8 food allergens
- Week 2: DASH diet, cardiovascular health, fat
- Week 3: Plant based diets, cancer prevention, protein
- Week 4: Mediterranean Diet, prevention of diabetes, carbohydrates
- Week 5: Volumetrics, obesity prevention, calories 

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