Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CIC Grad Renata Dos Santos Introduces Charleston's Newest Underground Dining Experience: L.I.M.E.

As featured in the e-newsletter "Charlie,"L.I.M.E. stands for Local. Impromptu. Moveable. Evening.
"L.I.M.E. is the new top-secret, upscale traveling foodie event in Charleston
, brought to you one Saturday per month. It will generally be all-inclusive (including tax, gratuity and a charitable donation), and feature a sommelier or mixologist handling pairings for each course. The first L.I.M.E., for instance, is featuring a mixologist who hinted at a strawberry infused Grand Marnier that she’s pairing with a dessert course.
"The concept comes to us from Chef Renata Dos Santos, a recent Culinary Institute of Charleston grad, who has garnered a ton of praise and recognition so early in her career. She hails from Trinidad, where liming is a way of life and she’s incredibly excited to bring it to Charleston.
"One of the neatest things Dos Santos will be doing is selecting Culinary Institute grads as the featured chefs. You’ll get young Sean Brocks, young Frank Lees…an experience you can’t get in any restaurant. Sometimes these young chefs will be paired with our local rockstars, but not always. So, in all of your indulgence and delight, you’re also helping bring exposure and learning to the young talents of tomorrow. " For the rest of the story, see: http://readcharlie.com/2010/08/18/lime-enters-the-limelight/
The first installment of L.I.M.E. is Saturday, Sept. 18 at 5pm. Chef: Renata Dos Santos. Cost: $125. Beneficiary: Simply Divine Garden. Tickets: www.LimeinCharleston.com


Gatorsmom said...

Renata rocks the Charleston culinary world!

Anonymous said...

Renata is a true leader in the culinary world, always helps when others need it :) Thanks Renata