Monday, May 3, 2010

Delegation of Chinese College Educators "Cook-Off" at CIC

To give the visiting delegation of Chinese technical, polytechnical and agricultual college presidents and vice-presidents a break from their intense two-week schedule of meetings at TTC, the CIC hosted a cook-off for them Sunday night. The delegation shopped at the Hang Lung Asian Market on Rivers Ave. to procure the ingredients for their dishes. CIC Chefs Morgan, Huff and Mitchell, plus a great team of students, asisted the visitors at the CIC's Palmer Campus teaching kitchen. The five educators produced a huge menu that included a fresh spinach soup with tiny beef meatballs, boiled and fried dumplings, two salads (one above), a spicy chicken and peppers dish, a light sweet and sour beef dish, a tofu dish and a hard-crack candied coating sweet potatoes dish. All were delicious!
The delegation:
Lianxu Zhang, President of Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic
Wenxian Chen, President of Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College
Yu Jing, Vice President of Liaoning Agricultural College
Shusheng Wang, Vice President of Xinjiang Shihezi Vocational and Technological College
Hong Zhu, Vice President of Hubei Polytechnic Institute

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This looks like an event that I would have loved to have attended. Never quite got the hang of really good stir-fry. The photos demonstrate that this must have been a lot of fun.