Thursday, April 8, 2010

CIC Student Wins Contest to Nickname Mario Batali

"Wine Enthusiast" Magazine recently "appointed Mario Batali the King of La Cucina." And they asked readers: "What nickname would you bestow upon this legendary chef?"

CIC student Ashly Broshious won with her entry: "Good King Mario Batalisauce the Forkith." The prize: the crown that Batali wore for the story and Ashley wears in her picture. Congratulations, Ashley!

"Über-Chef Mario Batali, replete with ubiquitous orange clogs, slicked back ponytail and mischievous smirk, is every bit as knowledgeable and personable as one would imagine after years of public exposure through his various television shows, cookbooks and guest appearances. Spanning coast to coast, his 12 iconic restaurants include six in New York City, two in Los Angeles, three in Las Vegas and one in Westchester County, New York. Batali’s vast wealth of knowledge on all things food related (especially when it comes to Italy), along with his focus on Italian food and wine via his restaurants, easily earn him the king of la cucina." "Wine Enthusiast"

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