Monday, July 27, 2009

Post & Courier Profiles CIC Grad Micah Garrison

On July 2nd, the Post & Courier newspaper published a "Who's Cooking" profile by Angel Powell titled "Micah Garrison of Middleton Place Respects Deep Origins, History of Lowcountry."

Originally from Columbia, Micah Garrison worked in the restaurant business in college as a part-time job and fell in love with it. After attending the Culinary Institute of Charleston, he went to work for Cypress. A little more than a year ago, Garrison became the head chef at Middleton Place Restaurant.
Q: What's your first food memory?
A: My mother (God bless her) made me a coconut cake for my fourth birthday in the form of a football field. It looked amazing, but I realized that I couldn't and still don't like the texture of raw coconut. Even at a young age, I apparently had a selective palate.
Q: What's been the best thing about being involved in the Charleston food scene?
A: I really enjoy having so many colleagues and friends that all aspire towards the progression of Charleston's national reputation. I truly feel that with its intimate size and rich history, we belong in the conversation of one of the finest culinary destinations in the country.
Q: How do you think that the Lowcountry influences you as a chef?
A: I feel that the Lowcountry has made me have a deeper respect towards the origins and history of many of our everyday ingredients that came from the European and Caribbean trade routes.
Q: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a chef?
A: I am very pleased to have won the 2008 Sustainable Seafood Initiative Partner of the Year award. When I was sous chef under Brandon Buck here, we won the award in 2006, so I feel a great deal of accomplishment to have been a part of winning that honor twice here at Middleton Place.
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Middleton Place 4300 Ashley River Road Charleston. 266-7477.

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