Monday, July 20, 2009

CIC Friend Megan Westmeyer Profiled in The Post and Courier

Congratulations to CIC friend and partner in sustainable seafood, Megan Westmeyer, for a great profile in the Post & Courier:

"S.C. Aquarium's Sustainable Seafood Initiative coordinator makes a difference for environment"
By Elizabeth Laseter The Post and Courier Saturday, July 18, 2009
"In Westmeyer's words, sustainable seafood means "fish for the future. The SSI raises awareness concerning the amount of fish taken from the ocean and how fishing affects oceanic habitats. Founded in 2002, SSI sponsors programs that teach chefs in Charleston restaurants about sustainable seafood, and the best choices to make for their menus. The Initiative now has more than 80 partners, including The Boathouse, Carolina's and Fish restaurants. In the future, Westmeyer hopes to expand SSI's services to places outside Charleston.
"It's Westmeyer's job to encourage chefs to buy their seafood locally. One of her favorite parts about her job is assessing a chef's menu and rating its sustainability. But what she loves most is seeing the results of her assessments. Because of Westmeyer's efforts, many restaurants have removed endangered fish such as Chilean sea bass and orange roughy from their menus.
"'I get so excited when I see a change that a chef has made to his menu,' she says."
Education: Bachelor's in marine science, University of South Carolina; master's in oceanography, Louisiana State University.
For the full story, see: Megan Westmeyer - The Post and Courier

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