Monday, June 30, 2008

CIC Chefs Council Member Bob Carter Stars in "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"

OnTuesday, July 1st., CIC Chefs Council Member and Peninsula Grill Executive Chef Robert Carter and the restaurant's famed "Ultimate Coconut Cake" kicked off the fifth season of "Throwdown With Bobby Flay" on the Food Network.
According to The Post and Courier, "The premise of the show is to identify culinary masters and challenge them on their home turf. In this case, the Food Network and Flay sought out Carter in Charleston under the guise of filming a profile. What Carter didn't know was that Flay was planning to challenge him to an unexpected coconut cake cook-off.
Carter says being on the show was a 'surreal' experience. 'I woke up that morning thinking I'd be able to do my thing in the comfort of my own kitchen. The next thing I know, Bobby Flay is walking in with another camera crew challenging me to a cooking duel. It was awesome!'"
The Post and Courier Wednesday, June 25, 2008
In case you have not had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Carter's famous Ultimate Coconut Cake, it is 4" tall and 10" in diameter, serves 16, and weighs approximately 12 lbs. The show-stopping Ultimate Coconut Cake is nationally famous and is ordered by foodies and celebrities around the country for the price of $100.00 per cake + Fed. Ex. shipping costs!

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