Monday, July 9, 2018

181 Palmer Featured in "The New Charleston Chef's Table"

Photo credit for dessert: Paul Cheney

Thanks to Charleston food writer and critic Holly Herrick for including the CIC restaurant 181 Palmer in her new edition of "The New Charleston Chef's Table." The book features the recipe for 181 Palmer's peanut butter and chocolate mousse with coconut crunch and caramelized bananas. Ms. Herrick wrote: "If it wasn't situated on a campus and if the servers and cooks weren't so young, you'd swear you were at a five-star restaurant. In fact, you are in a live culinary classroom at 181 Palmer, where advanced-level hospitality and culinary students work at the stations of a real restaurant to prepare for real-life work." And there are more kudos. Look for the book on Amazon and bookstores near you.

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