Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Tennessean's Update on the Dinner Prepared by CIC Grad BJ Dennis and Chef Sean Brock

As we shared earlier, at the end of May,CIC grad BJ Dennis went to Nashville to prepare a dinner with HUSK Chef Sean Brock. Here's a fantastic description of the event - and every dish - from The Tennessean:

"Our dining spotlight, an intimate gathering in The Stables at Husk, is a story of connections. Foremost, it's the journey of one chef, BJ Dennis, as he, accessing his grandfather's memories and stories, connects with his Gullah heritage, inspiring him to bring forward the vanishing cuisine of his people.

"It also highlights the friendship of two chefs, Dennis and Sean Brock, who bonded over a common dedication to preserving the foodways, following its connection to another continent.

"And finally, it's the sharing of that knowledge of the culture, its history and food, with a group of curious eaters — connections made all around the table.

"This event, the second in Brock's ongoing Workshop Sessions — small dinners with a purpose — was held May 30-31. Meshing lecture, video and six courses with beverage pairings, the quests of both chefs became illuminated: Dennis' preparing the food of the Gullah and Geechee people of the Sea Islands (along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia) and Brock's tracing of those culinary roots to West Africa."
Read the rest of the story here: BJ Dennis and Sean Brock Dinner

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