Monday, April 14, 2014

Congrats to CIC Alum Andy Henderson for a Great Review of Edmund's Oast

Writing of Edmund's Oast, the restaurant/brewery where Henderson is chef, Post and Courier reviewer Hanna Raskin states: "The venue, which represents the most significant addition to the city's upscale dining scene since The Ordinary opened in late 2012, has doubly proved that Charleston's Colonial past is rich for culinary mining.
"If you're in a Nordic mood, you'll want the poached shrimp, pressed onto a gently grilled slice of dark rye bread slathered with lemony mayonnaise and garnished with pickled onions and feathery dill sprigs. In the realm of bread and spread, though, nothing beats the airy ricotta cheese, blessed with a tang that's positively Pavlovian: I can't even write about the stuff without my salivary glands firing.
"Equally bewitching was the spiced turnip custard, served in a white tureen for a dose of yesteryear fun. Under a canopy of bitter arugula leaves, the custard has a splendid earthy sweetness that's echoed by the sauteed mushrooms tossed into the mix.
"Vegetarians will fare well at Edmund's. They can't partake of the extraordinary fresh charcuterie, which ranks among the city's best. It's difficult to believe Henderson wasn't working with an ark's worth of animals to come up with such a broad spectrum of flavors, flattered by an array of woodsy and fruity smokes. Nor can they enjoy the quality burger, buried beneath a rich coverlet of bacon, egg and cheese that makes Edmund's signature service of Underberg (a German digestif) as thoughtful as it is trendy."  For the full  review:

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