Monday, December 2, 2013

CIC's Shane Haffey Featured in Edible Louisville Magazine

Edible Louisville featured CIC's Shane Haffey in an article about the Kentucky Bourbon Red turkeys, which Shane raises.

"Bourbon Reds have brownish to dark red plumage with white in the flight of their tail feathers. The neck and chest feathers are a deep chestnut mahogany and the under color feathers light buff to almost white. With a black beard and a throat wattle that starts out red and changes to a bluish white, it is quite a sight to see several dozen in flight.

"Lexington Bourbon Red purveyor and chef Shane Haffey of Fairyhouse Hall raises Bourbon Reds for use at Fairyhouse Hall’s heritage food culinary events, such as the Slow Food Lexington dinner party series. Haffey’s collection of heritage poultry, pigs and cows are pastured or free range and he attests to the Bourbon Reds’ astonishing social dynamic."
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