Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cook It Raw Charleston 2013 Chefs Prep in CIC's Palmer Campus Kitchens

The chefs arrive to prep.
Cook It Raw, an annual gathering of
 world famous chefs, held its first
American meeting in Charleston.
Here's the scoop on YouTube:
And a longer story on Smart Planet:

Alessandro Porcelli, Founder &
Director of Cook It Raw

Chef Albert Adria of Spain meets the Canadians
Bison sausage by Canadian Chef Matthew J. Duffy
Chef Albert Adria of Spain
Chef Bloomfield stirring her grits.
Chef April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig NYC
Chef Enrique Olvera of Pujol in Mexico City,
 Chef Roberto Solis of Nectar in Merida, Mexico and
Chef Alex Stupak of Empellon Taqueria and Empellon Cocina in NYC

CIC's Will Thornton with Chef  Brandon Baltzey
Dean Saboe and Chef Stefanelli with
Canadian chefs
CIC's Shane Haffey
Canadian Chef Marc Lapie
These little piggies
belong to the chefs from Mexico!

CIC 's Shane Haffey with Chef Jair Tellez of Baja, CA
Canadian Chefs Marc Lapie, Alex Molitz, and
Tyler Shedden with CIC Chef Stefanelli

Team Canada at CIR BBQ
The chefs from Mexico at CIR BBQ 

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