Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet New Baking and Pastry Instructor Heather Sonoski

Chef Heather Sonoski joined the Culinary Institute of Charleston as an adjunct Instructor in Baking and Pastry in August 2012, becoming a full-time member of the faculty in January 2013. She holds both an associate degree in Pastry Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Chef Sonoski has been an active member of the International Cake Exploration Society and operated a personal cake business specializing in modern cake design for over ten years. She took classes on 3-D Cake Design and received certificates of completion from the celebrity chefs Bronwen Weber and Lauren Kitchens, both of who regularly complete on the Food Network's Cake Challenge and have won multiple gold awards. She is also a certified Wilton Method Instructor. Chef Sonoski’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open Charleston’s only combined New York Pizzeria, bakery, diner, and catering company, which is called Pizza Roma Diner and is located in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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