Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CIC Chef Instructor Donald Barickman A Headliner in Charleston Wine + Food Festival Culinary Legends Dinner

CIC Chef Instructor Donald Barickman joined "Culinary Legends" Robert Carter, Brett McKee, and Ben Berryhill, at Berryhill's Next Door restaurant for a spectacular dinner of five courses paired with a beer from the trailblazing New Belgium Brewing Company.

Of Chef Barickman's course, Charleston City Paper Restaurant Critic Eric Doska wrote: "The dish of the night was prepared by Donald Barickman. He made tender wood-grilled pork tenderloin with sweet and spicy jalapeño peach jam, pulled pork ragout, and extremely flavorful collard greens that were braised in Fat Tire. Truth be told, I forgot about the Fat Tire (5.2 % ABV) pairing, as the dish was just fantastic without it." For the full story: http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/Eat/archives/2012/03/05/chswff-legends-craft-beer-dinner

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