Friday, February 3, 2012

Chef Mitchell Is A Participant in The 2012 Minority Chef Summit

Culinary Wonders USA, Cuisine Noir and Black Culinary History sponsored the first Minority Chefs Summit.
Martin Luther King Weekend, 2012 Jacksonville, Florida
Chef Kenny Gilbert: the vast areas of culinary dining possibilities
Featured Chefs: Chef Joe Randall, Chef Kevin Mitchell, Chef Matthew Raiford, Chef Todd Richards, Chef Hugh Sinclair, Chef Cassandra J. Jones, Chef Erika Davis, Chef Duane Nutter and Chef Wayne Johnson.
Chef Mitchell with Chef Joe Randall

The goal of the three-day Summit was for chefs to come together to share their passion and heritage, and to look ahead to their future in the culinary world and create their vision. Said Summit organizer, Chef Erika Davis: "When planning began for the Summit we were all in agreement that one of the issues that had to be addressed was identity because in order to begin to solve the issues of inclusion, representation, supplemental culinary history education, and the dozen other topics facing us in the culinary world, we first had to deal with our collective culinary identity. The starting point was Chef Kevin Mitchell and a sixteen-year-old senior thesis he had written while at the CIA. It was a brilliant telling of our evolution in American cooking, with an eye toward the changes he felt we had to make as a community in order to cement our future in this work. When we all read the paper we were blown away by its intensity and the fact that sixteen years later it still resonated. With Kevin and his paper as the base of the conversation we then looked to Chef Joe Randall to provide the flourish. I don't think that any discussion on the topic of heritage would be complete with out Chef Joe and his historical insight and legendary candor."

  • Chef Matthew Raiford: organic, sustainable farming and cooking
  • Chefs Todd Richards, Duane Nutter, Joe Randall, and Kevin Mitchell: Soul Food- is it a trend or is it African-American Cuisine
  • Liz Morgan (PR Manager): Staying connected through social media, public relation for successful chefs, publishing books
  • Chefs Kevin Mitchell and Cassandra Jones: the importance of education/ educators
  • Chef Wayne Johnson: the importance of mentoring students, financial support, techniques support
  • Chef Richard: the battle of obesity and the red coat campaign for the American Heart Association
  • Chefs Tim Koerner and Todd Richards: Demo with Sosa products

 Chef Mitchell also cooked for the fundraising final evening's Night on the Hill Dinner at the Casa Marina Hotel and Resort. The other chefs on the team were Chefs Todd Richards, Duane Nutter, Erika Davis, Matthew Raiford, Joe Randall, and Wayne Johnson.
Night on the Hill Dinner
Chef Mitchell's dish top row, next to last

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