Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chef Carmel Quoted in Article about Gluten Sensitivity

A February 8 City Paper article  by Nikki Seibert titled "The horrors of the gluten-sensitive sufferer," quoted CIC's Culinary Department Head Michael Carmel. Carmel recently developed the Institute's degree and certificate programs in Sports and Health Nutrition.

"Chef Michael Carmel, culinary department head at the Culinary Institute of Charleston, is working on addressing these issues. His students are trained on how to handle food allergies and preferences through a variety of courses from kitchen sanitation to menu development. Carmel believes that catering to those with dietary restrictions, whether it is gluten, nuts, or animal products, 'is not only a business opportunity but it is essential.' In his eyes, ignoring these groups is limiting your customer base and missing an incredible opportunity to stand out."

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