Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Hallman and Chef Alexander Featured in Fall "Sizzle"

In the fall 2010 ACF magazine"Sizzle," an article on mentoring titled "Learning from Experience" features two CIC instructors, Hospitality Instructor Blake Hallman and Culinary Chef Instructor Jeff Alexander.
"According to Mr. Hallman, the whole idea of mentoring is to put somebody new with someone with experience. 'A smart person learns from another person's successes and failures. I think a mentor is responsible for making sure students recognize what will be required of them in the real world.'" ... '"We try to let students know what the industry is like and what to expect, and not just the skill set they need to learn in class,'" says Hallman. "I tell students 'I do not plan to train you to be a manager, but rather as a leader.'"
For quotes from Chef Alexander and other industry leaders, see:

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