Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Externship: It's a Wonderful Life

Ever imagined what it would be like to do your externship in a bakery? Enjoy the excerpts below from CIC student Violet Beasley's final report.

  • Week one. I should have known that I would injure myself within the first 10 minutes of starting this job... Important lesson # 1: The outside of the oven is hot!
  • I wasn't expecting to scoop several hundred cookies on my first day, but as the unpaid extern, I guess I should have predicted I would be doing something "easy" that no one else wants to do. Important lession # 2: Lift weights before going to work in a bakery.
  • I officially hate cinnamon buns. I've made cinnamon buns every week I've been here, and I hate them with a burning passion. Important lession # 6: Cinnamon buns are only your friend when you're eating them.
  • I've discovered something amazing. One of the things I made this week was brookies. A brookie is basically a chocolate chip cookie encased in a brownie. My mind can barely process all the awesomeness. What could possibly be better than that? Important lesson # 13: Brookies are the greatest thing ever created by man.
  • One thing that happened this week was a visit from DHEC. It wasn't actually interesting, though, because nothing really happened. The health inspector walked around and took notes, then it was over. We did really well. Important lesson # 18: Health inspectors are boring.
  • I made a pretty awesome new dessert this week. They were chocolate timbals: basically death by chocolate baked in a tube mold. There was a layer of flourless chocolate cake under baked chocolate mousse, topped with ganache and wrapped in a dark and white chocolate shell, garnished with an apricot-glazed strawberry. They were made over the course of about two weeks and took half my day to put together. Important lesson # 21: Anything that takes two weeks to make is well worth eating.
  • I tried being slightly creative for the first time this week, but I have no idea if that was a good idea or not. I normally put white chocolate, pistachio, and dried cherries in the biscotti, but I was starting to get sick of that. I decided to put some different stuff in them, but I ended up leaving before they were done baking, so I never got to taste them. I'll always wonder if those biscotti turned out okay. Important lesson # 26: Don't be creative near the end of your shift.

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