Monday, March 8, 2010

Chef Huff named Hospitality Educator of the Year by SC Hospitality Association.

The 2010 Stars of the Industry Awards given by the South Carolina Hospitality Association were honored on March 1 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Columbia. CIC Chef Miles Huff was named Hospitality Educator of the Year.

"Teaching foundation culinary courses to hundreds of first year students at the Culinary Institute of Charleston, Chef Huff's easy going manner and quality instruction has helped transition these students from the high school to college setting," the Hospitality announcement. "Voted 'Best Liked Chef Instructor,' Miles counsels and recruits students into the field of culinary arts. Traveling to every ProStart high school in the state, Miles' tireless support of high school students competing in statewide culinary competitions has earned the respect of students and educators statewide. This past summer, Chef Huff spent a week training ProStart high school teachers about the nutritional aspects of cooking and baking. In addition to working with students, Miles volunteers at many community projects, raising the culinary awareness of the Lowcountry of South Carolina."

"I want to personally thank everyone who had anything to do for putting me in for this great award," said Chef Huff. "I am honored and humbled by the whole thing. I have had many people congratulate me for the award from around the college and beyond."

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