Monday, February 22, 2010

Chef Bob Waggoner Cooks with French Regional Class

Friday, the students of Chef Carmel's French Regional class had the pleasure of cooking with Chef Bob Waggoner, the first American to have his own restaurant in France, Le Monte Cristo, in Moneteau, which received a Michelin Two-Star rating. Chef Waggoner trained with Chef Michael Roberts at Trumps Restaurant in Los Angeles and Chef Jacques Lameloise, Charles Barrier, Pierre Gagnaire, Jean-Luc Dauphin, Gerard Boyer and Mark Meneau. He was the Chef at Hotel de la Poste in Avellon and Chef de Cuisine at Le Vieux Moulin in Bouilland, France. Chef Waggoner currently hosts the PBS cooking series "UCook with Chef Bob."

The menu for the day was:
Soupe Savoyarde, Escargot Bourgeonne (tasting), Boeuf Bourguignon, La Râpée’ Morvandelle, Salade de Chou au Lard, and Poularde aux Écrevisses.

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