Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving News Includes CIC

A Nov. 18th Post and Courier feature on Thanksgiving titled "Good Times, Good Food," includes the traditional family Thanksgiving desserts of CIC Adjunct Instructor M. Kelly Wilson.

"M. Kelly Wilson Pastry chef at Kiawah Island Club

"About Wilson: She was born in Barnwell but the family moved to Hartsville when she was 8. Graduated from the University of South Carolina with history and English degrees. Graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, became pastry chef at Cypress. She held that post for seven years until going to Kiawah this fall.

Wilson also teaches baking classes and a course on jams and jellies at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.

"'The other food tradition in our family is the inclusion of a coconut cake and fruit salad in the dessert lineup. Grandma made the cake. My grandfather had two food-related jobs on Thanksgiving. The first was to crack, clean and grate the coconut meat that was included on the cake and sometimes in the fruit salad. Carving the turkey was his other responsibility. In the days leading up to the holiday, my aunt Mary Jean would crack pecans for the fruit salad, too. Since we always had the cake and fruit salad, I have come to feel over the years that it isn't Thanksgiving without the pair.'"

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