Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CIC Team Creates Tablescape for Charity Event

Chefs Vagasky, Wilson, and Sonoski, and Instructor Buzzelli

Tablescapes, an event to benefit Lowcountry Orphan Relief, took place at the Marriott on November 4- 6. Teams were asked to create a tablescape for the dinner of their dreams. The CIC team created a Culinary Cornucopia Dream Dinner, with "guests" who were superstars in the hospitality industry: The King of Culinary, Escoffier; the Queen of Culinary, Julia Child; the King of Beverage, Dom Perignon; and the Hospitality Queen, Emily Post. "Just as our dinner guests created the cornucopia that is the hospitality industry, our students and faculty have combined their inspired talents to create a royal Tablescape."

Congratulations to Baking and Pastry Chef Instructor David Vagasky, who made the bread cornucopias with his Artisan Breads class; Baking and Pastry Chef Instructor Kelly Wilson, who made the marizipan fruit and chocolate placecards with her Advanced Baking class; Baking and Pastry Adjunct Instructor Heather Sonoski, who made the gum paste leaves, acorns, and butterfly with her Wedding Cakes class; and Hospitality Instructor Lisa Buzzelli, who worked on organization, execution, place settings, linen, decor, and break down with her Catering Management class.

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