Monday, August 22, 2011

City Paper Includes 181 Palmer in "The Dish" magazine

The CIC was delighted to find 181 Palmer included in the Charleston City Paper's bi-annual food magazine, The Dish:
"Craving a three-course lunch on an empty wallet? The students at the Culinary Institute of Charleston's 181 Palmer, watched over by Chef Scott Stefanelli, lay down an unbelievable lunch value with food so good it might as well be served at one of our downtown restaurants. Stefanelli sets the menu each semester with the goal of using the best ingredients available and letting his students master techniques like pan-roasting pork, searing fresh sea scallops, and grilling chicken breast from Keegan-Filion Farms. You can follow the menu development via their Twitter feed. The three-course menu lets you choose an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert course for $15 per person. The dining room operates only when school is in session, and you have to make reservations sometimes weeks in advance, so plan ahead. But if you want to see the future chefs of Charleston, they're ready to practice on your palate for half the price. And here's a hint: Find out when the pastry class is, because on those days, you'll get the added bonus of trying their scrumptious petit fours and canapés." Stephanie Barna, Dish (Summer 2011)
Restaurant Details
Let culinary students show you their talents at the Culinary Institute's downtown dining room. Open to the public when school is in session. $15 for three courses. Reservations required.
Features: Online Reservations, Lunch
Hours: L, during school semesters   Price: $$

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