Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hospitality & Culinary Arts Student Association
The Hospitality & Culinary Student Association (HCSA) is a student directed organization whose mission is to enrich the environment of those who are enrolled in the program of the Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of Charleston at Trident Technical College. HCSA performs many community-centered projects that enable our students to utilize their skills to “give back” to the community by helping the needy. For instance, every month HCSA donates time and resources to the Crisis Ministries by preparing dinner and breakfast for over 100 homeless people. HCSA continues to find new ways of sharing the talents of our students with our Charleston neighbors in order to create awareness and help those in need.
The HCSA won the TTC "Outstanding Student Association" Award for 2006 - 2007 and Co-Advisor Chef Bill Stacks won the TTC "Outstanding Student Advisor" Award for 2006 - 2007!
The mission and purpose of the HCSA is as follows:
A. The mission of the Hospitality & Culinary Student Association
is to enhance the competence, confidence, and experience of the students by the means of basic concepts and philosophies of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry as well as refinement of skills in the Culinary Arts.
B. The Purpose of the Hospitality & Culinary Student Association shall be to provide service to the college and community, and engender a keen interest and understanding in the professional fields of hospitality and culinary arts.
C. The Hospitality & Culinary Student Association will assist the serious and dedicated student to develop leadership qualities and academic skills that will benefit the student in future endeavors, while having fun! Money raised in our student-managed dining room assists in paying for educational trips for HCSA members, such as attending the annual National Food Show in Chicago.

Co-Advisors: Director of Operations J. Michael Saboe: 843.820.5092 and Chef Bill Stacks: 843.820.5081
Meeting Schedule for 2007/2008 School Year:
Sept. 11 11:30 am * Oct. 17 11:30 am * Nov. 12 10:20 am
Jan. 22 11:30 am * Feb. 20 11:30 am * Mar. 31 11:30 am

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